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Easy Gift: Dollar Store Beauty Bouquet

beauty bouquet

I am *so* excited about this. With this one basic, dollar store-centric, idea, you can make a really incredible looking gift for ANYONE! It all started with the discovery that the foam wreath forms at the dollar store fit perfectly into the dollar store buckets! Then the inspiration wheels in my head started turning…you can make your own “edible arrangements” using home baked goods, or a candy bouquet using the recipients favorites goodies.

But who says the arrangement has to be edible? You can put together a collection of nearly anything to suit your gift recipient! This beauty bouquet was created as a grand prize for a ladies Christmas party I hosted earlier this week. I wanted to make something with a ton of visual impact that would appeal to any of the women at the party, and this was a BIG HIT!

IMG_8306 Basic Supplies for any gift bouquet:

  • bucket– $1
  • styrofoam wreath form– $1
  • wooden skewers– $1 and up ( you can find these at many dollar stores, though I couldn’t find them at the particular one I was at this time)
  • tape- on hand
  • tissue paper- on hand
  • ribbon (optional)- on hand
  • something heavy to anchor the bucket- on hand


From here it’s a matter of what items will work within your gift bouquet theme. I spent about $20 total on this beauty bouquet, items (all from the dollar store) included:

  • lip gloss
  • nail polish
  • makeup remover wipes
  • sparkly nail files
  • nail polish remover
  • fizzy bath bomb
  • scented soap
  • sleep mask
  • beauty tape
  • bra clips
  • dark chocolate
  • candles
  • decorative mirror
  • soap petals
  • hair elastics
  • bath sponge
  • silky foam insoles

IMG_8309 Directions:

  • Start by placing your “heavy item” into the bottom of the bucket. You can use a brick (if you have one) or a few cans of soda or soup etc. I used a bottle of sparkling mineral water. The point here is to help balance the weight that will be at the top of the bouquet so that it doesn’t topple over.
  • Place a sheet or two of tissue paper over the top of the bucket, and press the foam wreath form down into the bucket over the top of the tissue. This will allow you to fluff up the tissue paper once you’re finished adding all your items to the bouquet to cover up any appearance of the wreath form. (since my bottle of water was tall, this created a hole in the tissue paper, which is totally fine. Neither the bottle or the wreath form were visible in the finished bouquet.)


  • Attach skewers to gift items using tape. Heavier items will require a bit more tape (or hot glue if you prefer), and may need to rest lower down in the bouquet for stability.
  • Arrange items in the bouquet by sticking the skewers into the foam. You’ll need to adjust a few things as you go, making sure that the bouquet is well balanced and has varying heights and sizes of items distributed throughout. I found that I had selected quite a few “larger” items, and had trouble arranging the bouquet so that every item could be seen.
  • (optional) Add in some faux flowers to pretty it up a bit and fill in any gaps in the bouquet.
  • Once all items are arranged in the bouquet, fluff and fold in the tissue paper to cover any visible parts of the wreath form.
  • Add decorative ribbon or other embellishments to the bucket.

beauty bouquet


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