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Make Recycled New Years Eve Noisemakers

NYE noisemakers Santa’s sleigh has safely returned to it’s parking spot at the North Pole, and the elves are taking a quick nap before starting on the next batch of Christmas gifts for 2013. And you? You’ve successfully pulled of yet another holiday complete with delicious food, scrumptious sweet treats and the perfect presents. What now? I’d suggest taking a day (or two) to relax, bask in the glow of this season and your family and just a few more days of twinkling lights and mistletoe.

But then…if you feel so inclined…maybe put together a quick celebration to ring in the new year! No pressure! A quick banner, some festive snacks and a few noisemakers should do the trick! There’s no need to hit the stores if you’re apprehensive about post-Christmas crowds. These fantastic noisemakers from Alpha Mom are made from emptied raisin boxes and whatever else you may have in your pantry!

{Make recycled New Years Eve noisemakers}

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