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Make Wooly Willy Plates

wooly willy plates Family dinner is a big deal in my house. And we do it a little differently than some other families might…singing is totally allowed at the table, we take delight in sneaking bites from each other’s plates and we DEFINITELY encourage playing with our food. Well, so long as it stays on the plate! Fun family dinner is such an important part of our day and I enjoy finding new ideas for keeping it fresh. I had seen plates similar to this for sale for some awfully high price and thought they were fantastic, but not worth the money. Thankfully Happy Little Messes create a simple DIY so that anyone can own them!

Grab some plates from the dollar store and try the sharpie technique to create awesome gifts for the kids in your life! Give a family gift and create these plates to resemble each member of the family (if you’ve got some drawing skills)! So affordable, so useful, so fun!

{Make Willy Wooly Plates}

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