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Quick Gift: Kid’s Cooking Set

My little lady LOVES to cook! She always has! Seems to me like most kids enjoy helping in the kitchen, and enjoy having their own “tools” for cooking. My nieces are the same way, always wanting to mix and measure and blend and bake with their mom. So I decided to create gift sets with cooking utensils they could call their own. And I did it all at the dollar store! Many of the cooking utensils are smaller in size, perfect for children! Even full sized items are great for kids to have


  • festive oven mitt (small, ¬†if possible)
  • small spatulas
  • small strainer
  • small cutting board
  • small wooden spoons
  • small silicone basting brush
  • cupcake liners
  • decorative food picks
  • measuring spoons

The idea here is to fit all of the cooking utensils into the oven mitt if you can. The only thing that would not fit was the small cutting board, which worked well because I just tied it all together (goodies stuffed into oven mitt, oven mitt tied to cutting board) using festive ribbon. First you’ll need to remove the tags and labels from most of the products, then just assemble them inside the oven mitt! I also packaged these in a shirt-sized gift box with Christmas-themed tissue paper, then wrapped the box and added a simple label. We did Christmas early with our extended family and, let me tell you, these cooking sets were a hit!

This is the perfect gift for nearly any kid, and can be assemble quite quickly and will only cost you around $9 each.

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