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Beginner Sewing Project: Flannel Rag Quilt

flannel rag quilt A quick little story as to why I’m sharing this flannel rag quilt project from Come Together Kids. I received my first sewing machine just 3 years ago as a Christmas gift from my mom. I was *so excited* about it. And completely intimidated. So intimidated, in fact, that I couldn’t brave opening the box for 6 weeks. Once I finally build up the courage to take the machine out of its box, I started to read through the user manual. Halfway through the first page I was in tears, shoved it all back in the box and didn’t touch it for 3 months. A friend finally convinced me to face my fears about my sewing machine, and I slowly started learning the most basic basics of how to use it. It was a project very similar to this flannel rag quilt that finally got me excited and more confident about sewing. Choosing such a simple (pretty much all straight lines) project that results in a REAL LIVE BLANKET is so wonderfully satisfying!

So, dear friend, if you received your first sewing machine for Christmas this year and have been avoiding it like your kids avoid cleaning their room, this is the starter project for you! Don’t be scared…

(p.s. These make fantastic gifts for baby showers!)

{Make a flannel rag quilt}

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2 Responses to Beginner Sewing Project: Flannel Rag Quilt

  1. mamajuliana says:

    Cant get the link to work.

    I can relate to the fear of a new machine…mine was in the case unused for about a year. I finally got up the nerve to call the store where hubby purchased it and took a class…more than one of the attendees had their machine for ive six months and had never opened it!

  2. Breanna says:

    I just tried the link and it worked for me, sorry you’re having trouble!

    if that doesn’t work, you could try googling “come together kids flannel rag quilt” and link to it that way.

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