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Free Printable: Basic Daily Schedule Template

watermarked daily schedule


I’m spending this week getting everything ready to begin homeschooling my 5 year old daughter. (You can read more about that here.) So far we’ve started to create a homeschooling space in our guest bedroom, gathered some curriculum and supplies, and today I created a basic outline of what our homeschool days will look like. Though I’m very organized and love to plan, I’ve never been much for a daily schedule that I have to stick to. So I figured I should do everything possible to set myself up for success. That, of course, means making a schedule that is really cute. I looked all over the internet and didn’t find anything I liked well enough in the form of a free printable, and I’m not willing to pay for one, which is why I’ve made my own!

I personalized ours to be exactly what I want (or, rather, what I think I want. Because what I think I want and what I end up wanting may be worlds apart!). When I finished up our schedule I figured I’d make a duplicate blank version for all of you in case you wanted to create one for your children/family.

watermarked blank schedule
To create a personalized copy for yourself, simply download the template here, then use a free online photo editing site like or to add your text. Next, save your customized version to your computer, and print at home or through any photo/document printing service (like Walmart or Costco). The document is in 8×10 format. (please note that the version you download will not have the dollarstoremom watermark)

I’ve printed my schedule and purchased a dollar store picture frame for it to go in. This way I can put it up on the wall and we can use a dry-erase marker to check things off as we complete them each day. Every morning we’ll wipe it off and start over!

***A note on how I planned our schedule: I looked at several sample homeschool schedules online and took notes on what I wanted to include in our home. For the purposes of a visually simple and tidy schedule to reference, I’ve not made it super detailed. I’ve also not included specific times because I know that would stress me out! This is my first attempt at creating a daily schedule, and it’s my first attempt at homeschooling, so I fully expect things to change several times over the next weeks and months. And, since I’ve got this simple printable to use, I feel totally fine having to make new schedules as we find what does and doesn’t work for us!***

Alternate download from Scribd: {FREE printable: basic daily schedule template}

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3 Responses to Free Printable: Basic Daily Schedule Template

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  2. Cassie Boyd says:

    I like your Daily Schedule and was wanting to download and customize it but when I click the link it takes me to a page to download some kind of software. I tried downloading the software but then I still can’t seem to figure out how to download your file.

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