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Homeschool Supplies at the Dollar Store

homeschool supplies from the dollar store

One week. That’s what I gave myself to “get it all together” from the night we made the decision to homeschool our 5 year old daughter. One week! As you’ll recall, I prefer to spend oodles of time researching and planning before I do almost anything, so one week felt like about 5 minutes.

Thankfully I’ve got some great resources available to me, including fantastic friends with homeschool experience, lots of incredibly helpful blogs and (naturally) the dollar store! After settling on a curriculum to finish out her kindergarten year, I created a cute daily schedule and started gathering supplies. I’ve walked by the “school” section of the dollar store a thousand times, but never had any reason to take much notice. I was pleasantly surprised to find a really lovely variety of materials! I’ll admit that the options I saw were heavily geared towards teaching younger kids- a great benefit to me- so those homeschooling middle school and higher may not find as much of what they need.

dollar store school section This is just about 1/4 of the section of school/teaching supplies! I combed through nearly all of it to select what I thought I’d need during the first few weeks of homeschooling. First I’ll show you some of the specific things I saw:

dollar store homeschool supplies collage The top picture shows a few of the workbooks available at the dollar store. These could not stand alone as “curriculum” for homeschooling, but are great supplemental supplies. My little lady LOVES workbooks, so I picked up a few for her to use as “filler” activities.

The next photo shows some of the educational flashcard sets I found. I repeatedly heard homeschool moms talking about having flashcards on hand, so this was a great discovery! Many of the flashcards are write on/wipe off, making them more durable and useful for multiple kids.

The third photo shows some resources I saw suitable for older kids. They’re pads of preprinted handouts covering topics like the US government, plant and animal cells and the human body.

our dollar store homeschool supplies What I selected:

  • blank wall calendar and days/icons squares
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • erasers
  • glue sticks
  • large learning clock (double sided)
  • sight word flashcards
  • addition flashcards
  • subtraction flashcards
  • “lace and learn” cards
  • beginning reader spinner activity

target homeschool supplies

These are some great things I found from the “Dollar Spot” at Target. Tomorrow I’ll show you our little homeschool set up, and you’ll see these in use! Each of these organization pieces were $1, except for the small pink ones, which were two for $1. (Books and chalk not included.)

Do I have everything I’ll need? Time will tell! Either way, I’m feeling increasingly excited about this new venture we’ve taken on, and more peaceful that we can do so much of it on a dollar store budget!



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