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Host a Surprise “Pop-Up” Baby Shower

pop up baby shower

I love surprises! Last month I wanted to surprise my Little Lady’s amazing Kindergarten teacher (this was before the Great Homeschool Decision of 2013) with a classroom baby shower. After speaking with the other class teacher, I knew I’d need to be able to put it up really quickly while she was out of the room. I’d never be able to decorate the entire classroom. It’d cost way too much and take way too long. So I needed to create a really great visual impact in a small area.  Because I prepped everything ahead of time, I was able to get the entire baby shower set up in about 15 minutes (with some help from a few other parents)! Here’s how I did it:

Theme/Color Scheme:

I figured that a bolder theme (avoiding pale colors or small patterns) would help me achieve a great looking space that wouldn’t get swallowed up by the rest of the classroom. I knew that the teacher likes animal prints, so it made perfect sense to me to use a black/white/hot pink color scheme using zebra print for the black/white. It was super easy to find and create affordable decor within this theme.


I contacted the parents of the kindergarteners and asked people to volunteer to bring food. If you’re going to throw a Pop-Up Baby Shower (or wedding shower, or birthday party) do yourself a HUGE favor and ask the people who will attend to bring snacks! Since all the kids would be participating in the baby shower I wanted to keep the food simple. We had a vegetable tray, water bottles, fruit, cupcakes, string cheese and cookies. In order to create a beautiful focal point for the shower, I only put a little bit of the food on the table, the rest was on a counter nearby.




With a group of 30 kindergarteners, I needed to keep this simple! The kids really loved watching their teacher open all the gifts. I wish you could’ve heard the collective “AWWWWW!” from the class after she opened each precious little baby gift. It was about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Once the gifts were opened, we passed out an activity page to each child that we created. The page instructed the kids to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like, and to guess what her name would be. We collected the completed pages and compiled them into a book keepsake! It was super fun to look through their drawings and name suggestions.


I wanted to create a bold backdrop that could go up in a flash, and I wanted to do it as cheaply as possible! So I picked up a black tablecloth (dollar store!) and pinned it up. I also bought a zebra print table cloth (about $4 at Target). On top of the table cloth I placed 3 “fat quarters” of fabric, two zebra print and one hot pink. Originally I had planned to hem the edges or somehow sew them together, but I was short on time and just laid them out overlapping diagonally on the table.

One parent brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers to add to the table which was a great addition! I placed the cupcakes in my awesome new cupcake stand and put them front and center on the table. We also wrapped water bottles with hot pink/black zebra print duct tape (found at the dollar store!) and displayed those on the table as well.

As I was planning the shower, I had a vision in my head of a garland that combined clear glass ornaments (it was early December) and a hot pink boa from the dollar store. I’ll tell you up front that I didn’t think through the proportions of the garland to the backdrop, so it looks a little small in the grand scheme of things, but I am *delighted* by the garland itself. Wanna make one?

baby garland collage Directions:

  1. Gather supplies 
    • Boa- $1
    • clear ornaments- I paid $4 for these
    • sprinkles- on hand
    • letter stickers or vinyl- on hand or $1 and up
    • ribbon or string- on hand
  2. Add letters to ornaments. Use letter stickers or create your own using vinyl and an electric cutting machine. Apply the letters to the center of the ornaments.
  3. Pour sprinkles into ornaments. Remove the top piece from each ornament (the little metal cap) and pour sprinkles in through a funnel. Replace cap.
  4. Tie ornaments to boa using ribbon/string. You could just string the ornaments directly onto the boa, but I found that was a little too rough on the feathers and caused several to fall off (it is just a dollar store boa, after all). I used black ribbon to attach the ornaments to the boa, which allowed me to have them hang down a bit more. You can also vary the length of each one if you’d like a less uniform look to your garland.
  5. Hang Garland

baby garland

The baby shower went really well! Though it wasn’t the fanciest, most exquisitely decorated shower I’ve ever seen, it was a wonderful surprise and fun for the whole group!

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One Response to Host a Surprise “Pop-Up” Baby Shower

  1. Kim says:

    How fun! This seems like a great surprise, and super easy to pull off!

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