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Make a Diamond Dispensing Goal Jar

diamond dispensing goal jar

I’m what you might refer to as a “girly girl.” I love pink and sparkles and dressing up and wearing tiaras while I scrub dishes. I’m also the kind of girl who loves visual incentive…sticker charts and tally marks and boxes checked off of to-do lists. So can you blame me for absolutely swooning over this JAR OF DIAMONDS from  Crafts Unleashed used for tracking progress towards a goal?!

Whether it’s one diamond per pound lost or workout completed or new recipe attempted…whatever your goal, and whatever the incentive/reward you’ve decided for yourself once you reach the goal, this is certainly the most glamourous and lovely way to go about tracking your progress!  If you’ve got a little princess on your hands you can be sure that she’d love to use this as well to track her own goals! (And, of course, if you’re not the sparkly type, you can use any number of other things to track progress from one jar to another!)

Check out the tutorial to make the dispensing jar, and for the link to the beautiful “diamonds” (under $4 for 800!) to pull this all together!

{Make a diamond dispensing goal jar}

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