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Make a Snack Time Clock

snack time clock Small rant: have you ever tried teaching a child to tell time? It’s all happiness and lollipops explaining the hour hand, but nonsense when it comes to minutes! I have found myself talking in ridiculous circles trying to explain that 5 doesn’t really mean 5 to the long hand…just try it sometime…you’ll see.

Never mind about that. Whether your child can look at a clock and know what it means or not, you’re likely having to answer questions all the live long day like “WHEN CAN I HAVE A SNACK?” or “WHEN WILL YOU MAKE DINNER?!” I don’t know about you, but this is not my favorite part of parenting. Do yourself a favor (and call it a “teaching tool”) and hack your way into a cheap clock with this tutorial from Small Fry and Co (via

Take it one step further and add other important parts of your day that your kids are frequently asking about…when does Daddy get home, when can I watch TV…whatever suits your particular family!

{Make a snack time clock}

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