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Make Stuffed Marshmallows

marshmallow layers¬†Let’s pretend like this isn’t the time of year that everyone is focused on getting super healthy and fit, just for a moment, okay? Because when I saw these stuffed marshmallows from Swanky Pear I just KNEW I had to share them with you. Just have a look at these beauties! You can pick up all the ingredients you’ll need at your dollar store (though you may have to go to the grocery store to find the super jumbo marshmallows). Even if you’re going to use your best willpower and not have these now, file the idea away for a birthday party or other special event!


{Make Stuffed Marshmallows}

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One Response to Make Stuffed Marshmallows

  1. Kristi says:

    These look amazing, thanks for sharing! I’ve pinned for later, hopefully will try this summer!

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