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Don’t Cry Over Splattered Eggs- Quick and Easy Clean-Up Tip

quick and easy egg clean up

Yep, that happened. My first thought was “Honey, pack up all the stuff…we’re moving out!” My second thought was to cry like a colicky baby. This is not my first splattered egg incident, but it is the first time I’ve had so many smashed all over my kitchen floor. Cleaning up one broken egg is a hassle, to be sure. The thought of cleaning up (and then sanitizing) eggs all over my floor…terrifying.

I took a few deep breaths, walked out of the kitchen for a few minutes, and did some googling to see if there was any magic solution to clean up this epic mess. And I found one!


First: don’t freak out. Don’t cry. Don’t move out.

  1. Pick up all the egg shells and throw them away. Don’t bother trying to move anything else around at this point. Just grab the shells and toss them. Then wash your hands

pour salt on eggs

  1. Grab a container of salt. Cheap salt. (Dare I say…dollar store salt?) Now just pour the salt all over the eggs. Lots of it. Cover every part of the eggs in salt. I used about half of a container of salt, and it was totally worth it.

let salt sit on eggs 10 minutes

  1. Wait about 10 minutes. The salt turns the eggs into a texture very similar to a thick body scrub, no more runny/gooey/sloppy eggs!

sweep eggs into dustpan

  1.  Sweep the eggs into a dustpan using a small broom or cloth. They’ll go without a fight, I promise! Dump them down the sink or into the trash can. Once they’re all swept up, you’re going to want to sanitize the heck out of the surface they were on! I used a basic kitchen cleaning spray first, then used my steam mop and some vinegar just to be really sure it was all clean!


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One Response to Don’t Cry Over Splattered Eggs- Quick and Easy Clean-Up Tip

  1. ruby davis says:

    thanks for the egg clean up deal great and i am a dollar tree person and dollar general hardly ever go to wal-mart anymore pocket book want let me… lol always looking for a good bargain … thnks agin

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