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Make a No-Sew Fleece Ear Warmer

big bow fleece ear warmer I’ve heard that many of you from other parts of the country have started to see signs of Spring. Could you please tell her (Spring, that is) that she is more than welcome to visit my house anytime. Seriously, ANY TIME. We look forward to seeing her. Meanwhile, I intend to add some sunshine-y touches to my wintery wardrobe, like this *adorable* big bow fleece ear warmer from Six Sisters Stuff. Fleece is so cozy, and I’m always a fan of big bows. (I like big bows and I cannot lie….) This is a totally un-intimidating project, no sewing, no tricky measuring…they provide a free printable for the pieces you’ll use, just bust out your hot glue gun and your ears’ll be toasty before you’ve finished your romantic Valentine’s Day stroll!.

BONUS POINTS: you can often find fleece scarves at the dollar store…that’d be a perfect source of fleece for this project!

{Make a no-sew fleece ear warmer}

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