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Make Moon Sand

moon sand recipe MOON SAND! THE SAND YOU CAN MOLD! Sure, it’s a super awesome thing to play with, but shelling out over $10 for it…so not my style! The little lady has already figured out my probable response to most of the things she sees and wants: “Let me guess, mom. It’s not in the budget and we could probably make it ourselves?!” Why, YES! We surely can, thanks to this recipe from Play Based Learning. All the fun and pizazz of moon sand, with a small fraction of the cost, and the added joy of creating it yourself and impressing your kids with your supreme awesomeness.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Add some food coloring to achieve the multi-colored options found in stores! And here’s a friendly tip: store the moon sand in an open container to keep it fresh and prevent molding, adding a bit of water as needed if it becomes dry.

{Make moon sand}

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