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Make Valentine Heart Boxes

DIY heart boxes I first fell in love in the 6th grade. I couldn’t help myself, he was the best in our class at tetherball, rarely smelled stinky like the other boys, and he played the Prince in our school production of Cinderella. SWOON! I’m not quite sure how it happened, but this wonderful boy was also relatively fond of me. I know this is true because he chose ME for “couples skate” on our class trip to Skate World. And, if that weren’t enough, he gave me a proper heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Once the chocolates were gobbled up, I carefully glued a picture of him (in his Prince costume) to the inside of the box, along with a note he had written me. I was certain we’d put that box on display at our wedding one day. Alas… our beautiful romance was short-lived due, in part, to an aspiring cheerleader named Tiffany. I never could beat her at tetherball.

Confession: I still have that heart box.

Craft your own lovely valentine box with this tutorial from Martha Stewart. I love this project because you can fill it with whatever treats or goodies your valentine will love, not just chocolates!

{Make Valentine heart boxes}

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