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Make a Tooth Fairy Door

toothfairy door

One of my favorite parts of parenting is creating special little things, magical moments and experiences that celebrate and encourage my daughter’s childhood. I’m in NO RUSH for her to grow up and get it all figured out! This adorable tooth fairy door project from Grosgrain Fabulous¬†is not practical or necessary. It is, however, fantastic in every way. You can make and install your own more easily than you might guess. If you follow the directions in the original post, this is a pricier project than I’m comfortable with. But if you’ll keep the idea in mind as you’re shopping in thrift stores, craft stores and even the dollar store, I’m certain it can be done just as beautifully for under $10. I’ve seen doll house furniture in the dollar store quite a few times, and lots of options in my local craft store (use your coupons!) that could be painted and embellished to create the same look!

{Make a tooth fairy door}

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