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Make a Dollar Store Bird Bath for $3

dollar store birdbath main photo

My little lady is an animal lover in a big way. Unfortunately for her, my husband and I are what we refer to as “not pet people.” But we do go out of our way to try and allow her to have lots of access to other people’s pets, farms and various furry friends. I also make a point of attracting animals to our backyard as much as possible. We have a family of wild rabbits, squirrels and birds that visit us every single day. We watch them from the backdoor, giving them names and feeding them and putting things in the yard we think they’ll enjoy. So this year I decided to hang a hummingbird feeder and find a bird bath. Except bird baths are pricy! So I created my own for around $3, and it only took about 15 minutes!


birdbath supplies



  • plastic platter- $1
  • large plastic bowl- $1
  • plastic water bottle- $1
  • E-6000 glue- on hand
  • rocks- on hand or $1

I found all these supplies in the summer/luau section of the dollar store, and they were available in other coordinating colors too, like green, pink and clear (though there was no clear water bottle).  You could always purchase these basic items and spray paint them any color you want, which would only add an additional $3 or so.

bottom of birdbath tube


This is a super basic and easy project. Just one specific thing to be mindful of: remove the long straw from the inside of the water bottle and save the lid. You’ll want this “end” of the water bottle to be the bottom of the bird bath, I’ll explain why in just a minute…

birdbath tutorial collage

The rest is- as my little lady would say- easy peasy! Place E-6000 glue around the base of the bottom of the water bottle and press it into the center of the bottom of the platter. Then place more glue around the rim of the bottom of the bowl, and place in the center of the top side of the platter. Let it sit this way, upside down, for a few hours to dry.

Now you’ve got a few options to get the birdbath to be stable in your yard. You can use a metal pole or something similar to steak it into the ground (this is why we left the open end of the water bottle as the bottom of the bird bath). You could fill the bottle with rocks and replace the lid to stabilize it and/or bury the bottom portion of the bottle into the ground.

Then you can add rocks (either from around the yard or from the dollar store) and water and watch the birds come for a refreshing visit! Place it near a bird feeder to make it extra enticing. I tried to have the patience to wait and catch real live birds to photograph and show you…but then I remembered that I had a few episodes of Survivor to catch up on! But, as the saying goes, if you build it they will come!

dollar store birdbath last photo

A smart and crafty friend of mine saw my little bird bath and suggested putting several of these around the yard with floating candles for an outdoor party/event. I think that’s such a great idea!

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4 Responses to Make a Dollar Store Bird Bath for $3

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  2. Bev says:

    I just popped over from Rook 17. This is so stinking cute and the cost makes it even more so. Thank you for sharing and while I am here I am going to take a look around 🙂

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