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10 DIY Beauty Recipes to Beat Holiday Stress

10 DIY Beauty Recipes

What is it about the winter holidays that seems to fry our last nerves? Bounce back with a little DIY beauty TLC!

I think it’s somewhere between the travel, the rich food, and being a house guest for longer than is comfortable for anyone involved. Whatever the main reason is, by the end of December, I’m usually run down and worn out, and I bet I’m not the only mom who needs a little me time. Check out these DIY beauty recipes to help you bounce back after a stressful holiday!

  1. Soothing Foot Scrub – What is it about a foot massage that melts your stress away? Try this soothing foot scrub to exfoliate and moisturize as you massage tension away.
  2. Oatmeal Face Scrub – Soothing lavender and energizing tea tree oil help calm stressed out skin.
  3. Calming Lavender Lotion – Lavender is an essential oil that helps calm frazzled nerves. You can make this a vegan recipe by substituting candelilla wax for the beeswax.
  4. Eucalyptus Face Scrub – Like lavender, eucalyptus has stress-reducing properties.
  5. Cucumber Eye Pads – Are you a little bit short on sleep? Check out this video to hydrate and refresh your tired eyes with only two ingredients!
  6. Bergamot Hand Cream – Bergamot has a citrusy scent, which is just right for improving your mood during these cold, dark days.
  7. Rose-Aloe Mist – Are your holiday travel plans not quite over? Try this soothing spritz to relax and refresh you on the go.
  8. Pumpkin Spice Latte Sugar Scrub – What is it about that pumpkin spice smell that’s instantly relaxing?
  9. Avocado Hair Mask – Just massaging this moisturizing hair mask into your scalp will help you let go of holiday stress, and you’ll have shiny, healthy hair at the end of the process!
  10. Chamomile Toner – A cup of chamomile tea is relaxing, and you can get similar benefits with this simple DIY chamomile toner recipe while giving your skin a healthy glow.
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