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10 Winter Activities for Kids

Winter Activities for Kids

Are your kids going a little bit stir-crazy this winter? These winter activities will keep them happy and entertained! We’ve got a variety of activities for kids eight months old and up, so there is something for pretty much everyone!

  1. Sensory Play – There aren’t a ton of winter activities for kids under age one, and this sensory play is a fave with my nine-month-old. It’s messy but so much FUN!
  2. Snowflake Printables – Paper cutting is a great fine-motor activity, and your kids will love the magic of unfolding their pretty snowflakes!
  3. Dipped Pine Cones – Head to the park to collect some pine cones, then warm up inside while you try these fun paint-dipping methods.
  4. Glittery Window Clings – This is a variation on snowflake crafting with a whole other different sort of magic!
  5. Model Town – Collect some spent toilet paper or paper towel tubes and construct a miniature winter town. Your kids will have fun building and then playing with their creation, so this is like a double winter activity!
  6. Milk Jug Snowmen – Don’t put away those Christmas lights just yet! You can use them to make fun milk jug snowmen that light up.
  7. Snow Shooters – Balloons and paper tubes make a fun toy for shooting cotton ball snow! You could also use wadded up pieces of reclaimed paper, if you don’t have cotton balls handy.
  8. Rainbow Foam Soap Bubbles – This family did this winter activity outdoors, but if it’s too cold to get a little wet outside you could fill up your tub with rainbow bubbles to make this an indoor experience.
  9. Reclaimed Lumber Sled – This project requires a lot of adult supervision, but at the end your kids have a sled to play with that they helped construct! I bet they’ll play with it for a lot longer than a store-bought sled.
  10. Shivery Snow Paint– Did someone say glitter? This paint is a ton of fun!

Have you sorted out any fun winter activities for kids to keep your little ones busy during the cold-weather months? Tell us about them in the comments!

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One Response to 10 Winter Activities for Kids

  1. Prashant says:

    Great list of activities. Thanks for sharing.


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