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Meal Planning Made Easier

meal planning, made simpler

Meal Planning: I will admit, I have basically NO skills at this. I don’t know if I have ever planned more than one or two meals in advance, and most evenings, I discover it’s 4:45 and I have no idea what is for dinner. As the stay-at-home person in the family, it’s undoubtedly one of my biggest jobs: providing meals for my family. And yet, I hate to cook. Enter this article by Lissiegirl Blogs: Meal Planning Basics. She has provided tons of great reasons WHY a meal plan is an important tool, and how it helps make life easier, not more complicated.¬† She also has step-by-step tips for planning a meal (good for meal planning dummies, like me). Check the article (and four free printables) out here: [Meal Planning Basics]

Some reasons to plan your meals?

1. Less wasted food (you know, those random things in your fridge that go bad before you use them).

2. Less stress because you actually know “what’s for dinner, Mom?”

3. Your family knows what to expect for meals, so they have something to look forward to (or complain about, in my case – ha ha!)

4. Unplanned restaurant meals cost more money.

5. Fewer shopping trips because you have a plan.

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