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Tutorial: Candy Cane Heart Decoration

Candy cane heart craft

I found these oversized candy canes at the dollar store, and I thought they would make a fun holiday decoration. I love how my candy cane heart turned out! This is a super-easy craft to make for your holiday decorations. Use it as it is, or add it to a wreath.

Project Materials:

  • 2 large candy canes, $1 each
  • Dollar store bow embellishment (mine was an ornament), 3 pack for $1
  • Hot glue, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1

Total cost: $3 and up

Making candy cane hearts


1. Glue your two oversized candy canes together at the top and bottom with hot glue. I didn’t unwrap the candy canes because I wanted the extra protection provided by the wrapper, but you might choose to unwrap yours.

2. Glue on a sparkly bow ornament or other embellishment.

3. Glue or tie on a ribbon to hang your candy cane heart from.

You’re done!

Candy cane heart - super easy craft

These would be fun gifts to give!

Candy cane heart wreath

I like how this looks on a simple greenery wreath on my front door!

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2 Responses to Tutorial: Candy Cane Heart Decoration

  1. Nona says:

    That looks simply adorable in a wreath. I bet it would be cute with the mini-canes as ornaments too!

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