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DIY “Love” Vase for Valentines Day

Dollar Store Craft: love vase using a porcelain paint pen

Skip the Sharpie and pick up a porcelain paint pen to create this cute dollar store craft: a “love” vase (made out of a soap dispenser). So, it started out as a soap dispenser over at 365 Days of Crafts, but Niki had a tiny little CraftFail while making it. No matter – I think it makes a gorgeous vase! [how to make the DIY love vase]


  • Soap dispenser, $1
  • Porcelain paint pen, about $5

Total: $6 (but keep using the pen on all kinds of dollar store porcelain items!)

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One Response to DIY “Love” Vase for Valentines Day

  1. Niki Meiners says:

    Thanks for sharing my project.

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