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10 Budget-Friendly Games for Kids

Budget-Friendly Games for Kids

Do your kids have a little bit of cabin fever after all of this crazy winter weather? These games and activity are fun, and they’re budget-friendly, too! We’ve rounded up games for kids of all ages to help you give boredom the boot on a budget. There are also outdoor and indoor activities, so no matter what your weather situation, you and your kids have options for play!

1. Make a Water or Sand Wall – Use containers from your recycle bin and your own patio furniture to make a temporary water or sand wall for your kids to

2. Flour Sensory Play for Babies – Sensory play is a great developmental activity, and your baby or toddler will love playing with flour on a flat surface or in a sensory bin.

3. Water Bottle Toys – This is another toy that is good for a broad range of kids. With younger babies, just make sure you supervise play with this toy. The cap is glued on, but you want to be there just in case!

4. Marker Cap Jump Rope – Your older kids can even help assemble this jump rope before they play with it.

5. Make Easy Bird Feeders – Then do some bird-watching with your kiddo!

6. Cereal Box Puzzle for Toddlers – To make this extra fun, your toddler can even help your design the puzzle shapes!

7. Paper Tube Marble Run – You can play this game with a broad range of ages. If you’re playing with a baby who still puts everything in his mouth, modify your run by cutting the tubes open and using a larger ball, since marbles are a choking hazard.

8. Cereal Box City – Are you stuck inside because of terrible weather? Make a play city on the fly with some old cereal boxes!

9. Cardboard Robots – Your kids can help you design, cut, and assemble the robots and then play with the finished product!

10. The Big Box – Track down a big cardboard box – the bigger the better! Give your kids markers, and let them go to town!

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