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10 Recycled Container Gardening Ideas

DIY Container Gardening IdeasAs spring slowly makes its way up to the northern hemisphere, I have gardening on the brain, and these crafty containers add a little character to your garden on the cheap.

Growing food is a great way to get your kids to branch out and try new fruits, veggies, and herbs that they might otherwise turn down. When kids help you grow broccoli, they’re more likely to want to eat it. There’s even science backing that up! Here are some recycled container gardening ideas to help you and your kids grow some food without ponying up for store-bought pots and planters.

1. Old Gutters – Use a drill and screws to screw old gutters onto your fence. Hang them at a slight angle like in the photo, to allow extra water to run off.

2. Reclaimed Drawers – Try the thrift store or Habitat ReStore for old drawers that don’t have a dresser anymore. They make cool vertical planters!

3. Thrifted Cookware – Old pots, pans, teapots, and colanders make cool planters with just a little bit of drilling for drainage.

4. Yogurt Cup Planters – Really any old plastic container makes a good planter. You can leave it as-is or decorate it.

5. Hanging Coffee Tin Planters – Use screws to mount old coffee tins to the wall. To make them look more uniform, choose a few coordinating or contrasting spray paint colors to decorate them.

6. Cement Block Planter – I love the industrial look of these cement block planters!

7. Wood Pallets – Pallets are great for growing smaller plants like herbs and lettuces.

8. Produce Bag Hanging Planter – Mesh produce bags aren’t recyclable, but you can use them to plant your home-grown veggies.

9. Wine Box Planters – Really, any old wooden box will work for this container gardening idea. You may want to line the box with plastic bags to keep the wood from warping. If you do that, make sure that you also drill drainage holes in the bottom so your plants don’t drown!

10. Tin Can Planter – Cooking up a can of beans for supper? Save the can to make a super simple herb or succulent planter.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Blaine O’Neill

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