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Tween Tutorial: TP Tube Duct Tape Speaker

Tween Tutorial: TP Tube Speaker - Duct Tape Craft, dollar store craft

Here’s another fun tween craft from our Tween crafter-in-residence, Maddie! Today she is bringing us a fun idea for making an iPod speaker from toilet paper tubes and duct tape! What a fun way to reuse cardboard tubes, have fun with duct tape AND make a cool accessory for your iPod or iPhone!


Project Materials:

  • Duck tape- on hand
  • Empty toilet paper roll- on hand
  • Tacks (4)- on hand
  • Glue gun- on hand
  • Scissors- on hand
  • Pen- on hand

Total: free and up

My daughter Maddie and I found a post on Pinterest where you use a empty toilet paper roll as a speaker.  Maddie saw it and said “How cool, but really mom why would I want my Ipod in a toilet paper roll….gross!”  She is my little Duck Tape princess.  Since she’s eleven now, she’s old enough to get crafty all on her own — she was excited to tackle this by herself.  I think she did a great job.

Hole sizeCheck hole size

1. Measure your Device

Devices come in many different sizes.  Use your device to create the measurement for the hole.  Place your device on the side of the roll and trace with a pen.  Using scissors cut along the line.  Check the size by placing your device in the hole after cutting.

Duck tape sheet

2. Duck Tape It!

Choose the duct tape you would like to cover your speaker with.  Cut off three strips of duct tape 5 1/2 inches long.  Turn duct tape printed side down with the sticky side up. Place duct tape side by side overlapping to make a duck tape sheet 5 1/2 by 4 1/2.  Trim if needed.


3. Put Tape Sheet on Cardboard Roll

Line toilet paper roll up on duck tape.  This will by on the 4 1/2 inch side.  Make sure it is lined up so the duck tape stays straight as you roll it onto the toilet paper roll. Continue rolling until you come to the end.

duck tape completecarve out hole

4. Trim Tape From Hole

Locate pre-cut hole and cut the duct tape away creating the hole where your device will be placed.

glue tacks on

5. Make Thumbtack Feet

You will now need to place tacks to create feet to keep your speaker upright. Turn over with the hole facing down.  Measure 1 1/2 inches from the hole and two inches from the end of toilet paper roll.  Place a tack there and secure with a drop of glue.  Continue with all four feet.

completed 3

Your speaker is complete and ready for you to crank your tunes!

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One Response to Tween Tutorial: TP Tube Duct Tape Speaker

  1. How adorable and spectacularly clever! Great tutorial, Maddie, I love your brainwave to decorate the speaker with duct tape.

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