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10 Kid-Friendly Vegetable Recipes

Kid-Friendly Vegetable Recipes

Getting kids to eat their veggies can be a little bit tricky, can’t it? My 11-month-old just dove headfirst into a phase where anything green on his tray that’s not avocado goes straight onto the floor. Maddening! These are the kid-friendly vegetable recipes I’m looking at to avoid more of this picky eating as he gets bigger.

1) The Rainbow Feast – This may have to wait until my son is a little bit older, but doesn’t it look like a fun way to get kids interested in fresh food?

2) Oven-Baked Mexican Quinoa Casserole – Deep flavors that kids like and avocado on top? I smell a winner!

3) Mashed Cauliflower – Kids love mashed potatoes, so this is a sneaky way to get them to eat some healthy cruciferous veggies. You might want to skip the cashew cheese if you’re waiting on giving nuts to your kiddo.

4) Avocado-Creamed Broccoli – There’s no dairy in this creamy broccoli recipe, and it comes together in a flash. My son won’t eat broccoli trees, but he powers through bowls of this puree.

5) Mom and Baby Green Smoothie – The green color might turn your kid off, but one sip of this sweet, easy-to-drink green smoothie will have them drinking their greens and maybe even asking for more.

6) Garlic Lemon Kale Pasta – I think I’ll use macaroni instead of spaghetti here, so it’s more finger food-friendly.

7) Veggie Fried Rice – What kid doesn’t love fried rice, right? Include lots of bite-sized pieces of veggies!

8) Spinach-Tofu Lasagna – Layer plenty of spinach and tofu “ricotta” between comforting lasagna noodles. You may have some doubts about tofu ricotta, but in dishes like this, it’s delicious and filling!

9) Yellow Squash Chips – Summer squash is about to come back into season. Older kids will love these chips!

10) Oatmeal Sweet Potato Muffins – Sneak some nutritious sweet potatoes into these breakfast muffins for your little ones.

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