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Make a St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Drink

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Drink

So much St. Patrick’s Day fun centers around shamrocks and the color green, and I love that this festive drink celebrates the whole rainbow! Modern Parents Messy Kids shared a fruit-filled St. Patrick’s Day treat, and I can’t wait until my son is big enough to drink one of these. She suggests using juice or soda, but you can also use plain seltzer if you’re trying to avoid sugary drinks with your kids. The fruit will infuse the water with plenty of flavor. Either way, what a fun, healthy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids! [St. Patrick’s Day Recipe: Rainbow Soda]

Project Materials

  • clear bottle – They used an old Frappuccino bottle, but a mason jar would work well too.
  • fruit in all of the colors of the rainbow – You can go frugal on this and choose fruit that’s on sale. Frozen fruit would also work well in this drink and keep it ice cold.
  • white grape juice or clear soda – Or plain seltzer water! If you go the seltzer route, just let the drink infuse for about 20 minutes before serving to give the seltzer time to take on the flavors of the fruit.
  • knife and cutting board – If you use frozen fruit, you won’t need to cut anything.
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