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Tutorial: Easter egg topiary

easter egg topiary -dollar store craft

Create a whimsical Easter egg topiary tree using supplies from the dollar store! I’m Pinterest junky, I’ll admit it.  I have thousands of pins and of those I think I have crafted up maybe 20.  I pinned a cute egg topiary, but was unable to find a tutorial for the pin.  Lucky for you, I’m the type of crafter wo can look at anything and recreate it.  Using Dollar Store materials I was able to recreate an even better version than I pinned and I have the tutorial to share with you so you can make it too!

easter egg topiary -dollar store craft


  • Foam cone: $1
  • Foam circle base: $1
  • Easter green grass: $1
  • Small foam glittered easter eggs: (3 packages) $3
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks, on hand

Total: $6 and up


attaching grass to cone - easter egg topiary -dollar store craftgrass completed - easter egg topiary -dollar store craft

1. Using your glue gun attached the grass to entire cone.  You may need to trim a few stray pieces.

attaching eggs - easter egg topiary -dollar store craft

2. Glue the foam eggs around the cone.  TIP: Place the glue on the egg before attaching to the grass, then hold firmly in place until the egg adheres.

attaching grass to base - easter egg topiary -dollar store craft

3. Glue grass to the foam circle to create the base.  Once you have all the grass in place glue the circle to the bottom of the cone.

easter egg topiary -dollar store craft

Super cute and very easy!

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