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10 Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

10 Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is coming in just a few weeks, so now’s the time to get crafty if you want to give your kids homemade Easter gifts this year. Usually you stuff an Easter basket full of candy, but that can be very expensive. It also means dealing with sugar high kids for the rest of the day. Boo! This list has some healthier homemade alternatives to store-bought Easter candy and some non-food homemade Easter gift ideas to balance things out.

1. Raw Cadbury Eggs – These healthier versions of the Easter classic even have the realistic “yolk” that you associate with the Cadbury eggs from the store.

2. Play Dough Eggs – Skip the candy and give your kids homemade scented play dough stuffed into plastic Easter eggs. I bet that you even have some old plastic eggs left over from last year that you could use for this project.

3. Easter Egg Terrariums – Track down clear plastic eggs and turn them into mini terrariums. This would be a fun Easter basket gift for school, since you can make a lot of them on the cheap.

4. Homemade Chocolate Bunnies – These chocolate bunnies are much healthier than the ones from the store, and she offers a lot of variations that you can try.

5. Ginger Peanut Butter Cups – These have less sugar and fewer processed ingredients than the ones you get at the store. Make these ginger peanut butter cups for kids with adventurous palates!

6. Easter Bunny Softie – This softie tutorial comes with a free printable template!

7. Bunny Sachets – Your kids will love playing with these miniature bunnies, and they smell great, too.

8. Felt Counting Eggs – There are actually a ton of great Easter gift ideas in this post from Counting Coconuts, but I think the counting eggs are my favorite!

9. DIY Bunny Ears – Grab an old headband and turn it into a set of bunny ears that your little Easter bunny can wear all day long.

10. Yarn Eggs – You can give these as gifts or stuff them with a few fun little toys for older kids!

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