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10 Quirky Crafts for Your Spring Garden

10 Quirky DIY Garden Ideas

Have you started a garden this spring? One thing that I love getting crafty in the garden is that you can let your personality shine. No more boring pots and planters! Check out these ideas for planters and other quirky garden decor to take your backyard or patio garden beyond business as usual.

1. Mossy Garden Gnomes – Who doesn’t love a garden gnome, right? Instead of buying a painted one, find an inexpensive blank ceramic gnome and deck it out yourself with a little bit of paint and moss. So cute!

2. Cheery Spoon Garden Markers – Spoon garden markers are nothing new, but I love that this version adds a pop of color to the garden.

3. Broken Pot Fairy Garden – I love the look of terra cotta pots, but it’s always a bummer when they crack, isn’t it? Next time your pot cracks, turn it into a fairy garden!

4. Make Shoe Planters – Get some inspiration from the Alamo Square Shoe Garden and turn thrift store shoes into sweet miniature planters.

5. Sod Sofa – No, for real. This piece of outdoor furniture is made from real grass!

6. Cement Block Planters – When I used to sell my crafts I used cement blocks to weight my tent. Now that I’m “retired,” maybe I’ll dig those suckers out of the shed to make pretty succulent planters like these.

7. Garden Balls – I love how shiny, colorful garden balls add personality to a garden. Check out how to make your own with lots of variations.

8. Crushed Can Planters – Camilla at Family Chic made these funny little planters for her dining room table, but they’d also be a cool addition to a container garden.

9. Rain Boot Planters – Don’t have a ton of space? Turn a couple of sets of old children’s rain boots into hanging planters to boost your plantable area.

10. Pallet Tool Storage – Turn an old wood pallet into pretty hanging storage for all of your gardening tools.

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