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Tutorial: Seed Packet Wreath

Seed Packet Wreath - Dollar Store craft tutorial

Create a quick and easy garden-inspired wreath using dollar store materials! This seed packet wreath is a cute way to decorate for spring, and a perfect gift for a garden lover! Save your seed packets and upcycle them into this cute gardening wreath!

I love spring.  The sun is coming out and the plants are starting to peek up from under the soil.  I went to the Dollar Store and got a bunch of seed packets with the intent on planting them in the back yard.  My vision was halted when my husband reminded me we don’t actually have anywhere to make a garden in our small backyard.  I still wanted to do something creative with all the packets even if  couldn’t plant them.   They made the most wonderful wreath to welcome spring.



  • Bare wreath form: $1
  • Moss: $1
  • Seed packets: $3
  • Twine: on hand
  • Glue gun: on hand
  • Garden gloves: $1

Total: $6 and up

glue moss on

1. First you’ll need to glue the moss around the wreath.  This will create a base for your seed packets.

hold in place

2. Arrange the seed packet on the front of the wreath as you would like them to look when the wreath is completed.  To attach the seed packets cut a piece of twine, glue onto the back of the seed packet on one side then wrap around wreath and glue on other side.  This will keep the seed packets secured to the wreath.


3. Once all the seed packets are attached turn wreath over and embellish as you would like.  I placed garden gloves and a burlap bow on my wreath.

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One Response to Tutorial: Seed Packet Wreath

  1. Edna says:

    I felt bad for you when you said your yard is too small for a garden. You can plant flowers in a pot on a deck or porch, or line the sidewalk with potted flowers there must be someplace to grow something dont give up

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