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10 Rainbow Activities Your Kids will Love

10 Rainbow Activities Your Kids Will Love

Don’t let the rain get you and your kiddos down! Summer storms do more than just foil your beach or pool plans: they bring rainbows. Get excited about the rainbow that those summer rains leave behind, and keep your kids busy on a rainy day with these rainbow crafts! Maybe when the storm blows over, you can go rainbow hunting!

1. Rainbow Fan – How cool is this? Paint your three-blade table fan red, yellow, and blue, and when you turn it on it looks like a moving rainbow. Magic!

2. Rainbow Sparkle Playdough – Was there any part of that name that doesn’t sound like fun??

3. Melted Crayon Rainbow – This is a classic rainbow craft, and your kids will think that you know magic.

4. Stained Glass Rainbow – Isn’t this paper suncatcher beautiful?

5. Rainbow Pasta Necklace – This is actually a two-part rainbow activity. You and your kids can dye the pasta and use it for sensory play, then harvest a bit to make these fun necklaces.

6. Cork Stamp Rainbows – Save those wine corks, momma! They make perfect circular stamps for this sweet kid-made rainbow art.

7. Rainbow Drinks – This recipe calls for topping this off with sodapop, but you can make this rainbow drink even healthier with plain seltzer. It will take on sweetness from the fruit and taste just as good. Your kids will love drinking this and layering up their own!

8. Rainbow Ice – Add some color to your next round of sensory play!

9. Textured Watercolor Rainbow – Salt and glue turn regular watercolors into a sensory experience. Of course, you don’t have to use this technique to paint rainbows, but what a great starting point!

10. Rainbow Footprints – You can use this technique to make footprints or handprints in a rainbow of color.

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