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5 Back-to-School Tips for Kindergarteners

Is your kindergartner ready to head to school? There is so much excitement in the air that it’s contagious. Instead of sending your child to kindergarten unprepared, send them to school ready to learn, with these back-to-school tips.

5 Back to School Tips for your kindergartener

#1. First Day of school

Make sure you take the time to prepare your child for the first day of school from an emotional standpoint. Some children aren’t ready for what the day holds. They don’t realize leaving their parents will be such a hard thing to do. You can help your child get ready for the first day of school by talking to them about what will happen during the day while they are at school. If you can, schedule a time to visit their new school with them; that may help relieve some of their anxieties. Having mom or dad volunteer in class periodically can also help the child ease into school life a little better.

#2. Summertime reading

No child is ever too young to start reading. Your kindergartener might not know how to read yet, but he or she is ready to learn and will probably pick up reading during the year. To get prepared, give your child a chance to encounter reading often. While it can be tough to find time to do this during summertime, it’s vital. You can pop in audio books in the car for long trips this summer, or read street signs and billboards aloud for your child. Attend a story hour at your local library, schedule fifteen minutes of “quiet reading time each day,” or have an older sibling read to a younger one. There are many different ways to get your child reading this summer.

#3. Consistency is key

This summer, getting your child ready from an academic standpoint is going to take a lot of consistency on your end. It’ll be tempting to head to the beach, ride bikes, and visit the park, but leave out trips to different worlds in those reading books. Schedule in a few minutes each day for a little math or reading. Don’t stress about doing too much schoolwork, just look for opportunities within your day for doing basic math, learning about shapes, and even breaking into the world of writing. Your child isn’t going to be perfect with the skills, but introducing the concepts and being consistent with them is important.

#4. Get involved in activities

Some parents get so caught up on the academic standpoint of kindergarten that they forget about the emotional and social part of it all. There are several things a kindergartner can do to get prepared in this way. There are always tons of fun activities to get involved in over the summer. Anything from pool parties to birthday parties are excellent ways to get involved from a social standpoint. Kids need to have activities separate from their parents this summer. It might be hard to let go, but it will be worth it when the first day of school rolls around.

#5. Bus time success

One of the biggest deals for kindergarten is riding the bus. Some parents choose the bus because it’s the most efficient way to get their child to school. However, getting the kindergartner on the bus is a whole new skill. Try to get your kindergartner to see the inside of a bus before the first day of school hits, even if it’s just a quick trip on your city bus.

Heading back to school can be fun for the whole family. Make it a priority to spend time learning with your kindergartner this summer, but also make sure you have fun. Spending time together is what matters most, but don’t be afraid to sneak in some vital learning time as well.

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