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Build a Bean Teepee to Get Your Kid into the Garden

Bean Teepee for Kids

The kids I know who help in the garden are usually much¬† more excited about eating their vegetables than kids who don’t see the magic of food growing out of the ground. This amazing bean teepee from Patricia Larenas at Urban Artichoke is just the thing to get even the most garden-shy kid excited about playing in the dirt. I want to build one for my little guy to play in!

Bean plants love to climb, and your kids will love watching these suckers crawl up and fill the bamboo teepee frame all summer long. The photo above is from Patricia’s garden, but she explains how to build a bean teepee with an opening, so your kids can play inside of it! I’m in awe. [Build a Bean Teepee for Kids]

Project Materials

  • 6 bamboo poles that are each 12-15 feet long
  • twine
  • scrap cardboard
  • minbark or hay
  • bean seeds

You can get directions in the link above, but you should also check out the video she shared from Sustainable Midlands and City Roots on how to construct one:

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