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10 Baby Bib Tutorials for Your Messy Eater

10 Baby Bib Tutorials for Your Messy Eater

Got a baby shower coming up or maybe your kiddo just needs a little bit of help in the food-wrangling department. Either way, we’ve got a baby bib tutorial to suit your needs. There are DIY baby bibs on this list ranging from a simple, no-sew option to pocket-front situation for super messy eaters. Check it!

1. Scrapplique – Fabric scrap letters make a cute, custom baby bib.

2. Fat Quarter Bibs – You just need a fat quarter of your favorite fabric to make these simple bibs.

3. 30 Minute Bib – Making one of these bibs from your fabric stash is faster than making a trip to Babies R Us to buy one!

4. Pocket Bib – This is my favorite bib style. My kid even digs into the pocket after he’s done eating to see if he missed anything.

5. Side Snap – This is another great bib style. The side snap is easier to get on, because you don’t have to tilt your kid’s head forward and move his hair out of the way. I don’t know about your kid, but mine hates this part of bib-putting-on.

6. Bandana Bib – If you’re using a bib for drool rather than catching fallen food, this bandana option is a super cute alternative!

7. Bapron – For super messy meals, this looks like a much better solution than the bib + tucked lap napkin I’ve been using. Bring on the summer popsicles!

8. T-Shirt or Onesie Bib – How clever is this no-sew baby bib tutorial?

9. Button Down Bib – Turn an old child’s button-down shirt into a bib. You know, for classy evenings.

10. Hand Towel Bib – Turn a thrift store hand towel into an absorbent bib.

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