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10 July 4th Crafts for Kids

10 July 4th Crafts for Kids

Independence Day is just a few days away. Do you have a cookout in the works? Get your kids in on the decorating and keep them entertained with these fun July 4th crafts for kids!

1. Star Spangled Wavers – This is a great alternative to sparklers for kids who are too young to handle a stick on fire.

2. Mason Jar Luminaries – Your kids will love helping you decoupage your own patriotic luminaries.

3. Paper Tube Fireworks – These are sweet July 4th decorations that older kids can make without too supervision.

4. Patriotic Glitter Jars – This is a shinier take on the red, white, and blue luminary that looks super fun!

5. Paper Chain – Don’t you love a good, ol paper chain? This printable turns that classic craft into something July 4th-centric.

6. Fruit Wands – Your kids can help you cut the shapes, assemble the wands, and then eat a healthy snack on the 4th.

7. Tin Can Windsock – Grab an oversized can and get patriotic.

8. Pinwheel – Kids love making pinwheels. Grab this free printable and make some for Independence Day!

9. Cupcake Toppers – Your kids can help you assemble these and deck out some cupcakes for the 4th.

10. Painted Rocks – Between collecting rocks and painting them, the bonus that comes with this activity is a possible afternoon nap. You’re welcome!

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