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Back to School Tips for 4th & 5th Graders

Do you have a 4th or 5th grader about to go back to school? You might wonder how you can prepare them for this journey ahead. Well, check out these back to school tips for upper elementary students.

Back to school tips for your 4th and 5th graders

Back to School Tips for Fourth Grade

Reading & Writing

If you were to pick one thing to focus on this summer with your fourth grader, before heading back to school, it would be reading and writing. Fourth graders are going to be introduced to a variety of new academic milestones, so it’s important to prepare.

Here is a fun list of activities to do this summer to prepare for back to school season:

  • Join a summer reading program
  • Take turns reading together
  • Start a journal with your fourth grader
  • Spend time typing and creating a story on the computer
  • Join a local art club
  • Practice division and multiplication
  • Practice cause and effect (kids have trouble with this concept, so start it early)


Fifth Grade

As a parent, it can be hard to believe your child is already a fifth grader. It’s important to take time this summer preparing your child for back to school season. The summer before fifth grade isn’t all about learning it’s also about responsibility and growing up just a little bit more. Let your child become a little bit more independent this summer by helping them organize neighborhood parties, spending time in the library reading, or maybe even hanging out at a friend’s house.

Reading and writing

Just like any other grade, you will want to take the time to read and write as much as possible this summer. Some kids do not naturally like to engage in these activities, so it may take a little bribing and rewarding. Try to make it as fun as possible because you do not want your child growing up to dislike these two important subjects.

Fifth graders are a fun age because you can start taking them to museums, fairs, and festivals and they love it. Bring a few friends along and make it fun. If you get my theme here…learning can be fun for fifth graders, we just have to make it fun. Ask your child for suggestions too.
And to top off the summer with your fifth grader, have them create a scrapbook to help keep the memories alive. You can tie this in with helping them take responsibility for a project and topping it off as letting them be creative.

You can also work on the following academic aspects with your soon to be fifth grader:

  • Getting organized both with school projects and at home
  • Learn to identify certain parts of a book (climax, plot, primary & secondary characters)
  • Using long division
  • Problem solving in almost every subject


The summer before your child hits the upper elementary grades might be a challenge. They just want to have fun, but you want them to be involved with their education. As long as you try and make it fun, going back to school as a fourth or fifth grader will be easy peasy.

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