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10 DIY Shark Toys for Shark Week

10 DIY Shark Toys for Shark Week

Get your kiddos excited about watching Shark Week with you! These shark toys are sure to stoke their enthusiasm for watching a week of shark-themed nature programming. Or at least entertain them while you have a cup of coffee and sneak in a little Shark Week goodness, right?

1. Clothespin Shark – This is a moveable miniature shark toy that’s simple to make with whatever shark clip art you want to use!

2. Paper Plate Shark Teeth – Turn a paper plate into a cool pair of shark jaws for your kids to play with.

3. Oven Mitt Puppet – This clever puppet from last year’s Shark Week uses an oven mitt and matching pot holder to make a shark hand puppet.

4. Washcloth Shark Puppet – This is actually a whole set of hand puppets made from wash cloths. You can make all three or just the shark.

5. Paper Shark – Good ol’ construction paper and a paper plate make a sweet shark-themed toy

6. Shark Mittens – Turn last winter’s mittens into this summer’s shark-themed awesomeness.

7. Don’t Wake the Shark – This printable memory game will keep your kids entertained while you sneak in some Shark Week watching!

8. Wooden Spoon Shark – This can work as a regular toy or as a puppet. Multi-purpose!

9. Shark Fin – You can make this whole super easy shark costume or just make your kiddo the fin to play with.

10. Plush Shark – Grab this free pattern and make a stuffed shark for your kids to play with.

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