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10 Fall Crafts for Kids of All Ages

10 Fall Crafts for Kids

Hello there, fall! I am ready for your cooler weather for sure. My son and I can finally take afternoon trips to the playground again, and it also means doing fun, fall-themed crafts. I tried to find fall crafts that would work for kids of all ages, so check out the list and see what looks appropriate for you little one!

  1. Leaf Printing – Little kids can enjoy the sensory experience, and older kids can make more elaborate prints.
  2. Pumpkin Spice Play Dough – Young kids can enjoy the finished product, and older ones can help you make the dough before playing with it.
  3. Leaf Rubbings – Your toddler might need a little bit more help than your older children, but rubbings are magical no matter what age you are.
  4. Leaf Masks – This project involves hot glue and Mod Podge, which is fine for big kids who know how to wield the glue gun with care. Depending on your child’s age, you may need to be more hands on, but even young children can help you collect and press the leaves. And, of course, wear the completed masks!
  5. Apple Stamping – You can do this simple stamping project on its own for preschool-age children or make it part of a bigger art project for older kiddos. No matter what age, don’t forget to show them how an apple sliced horizontally makes a different stamp than one sliced vertically. They will love it!
  6. Yarn Pumpkins – This one will require a lot of supervision for littler crafters, but this project is forgiving. Be ready for lots of cleanup, especially with preschoolers.
  7. Pumpkin Puffy Paint – This is simple enough for even young kids to help make, and you can use the finished project for whatever age-appropriate art you want!
  8. Salt Dough Ornaments – There’s stirring, kneading, and cookie-cutting involved in this project that’s fun for crafters of any age.
  9. Fall-Themed Wind Chimes – This is a fun free-form project! Head outdoors with your kids to collect materials, then help them string them together for the pretty chimes. If your kids are very small, you’ll probably be doing most of the stringing.
  10. Drippy Pumpkin Painting – You’ll have to do the spray painting for littler kids, but what kid won’t love squeezing on globs of paint and watching gravity do some magic?
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