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10 DIY Food Gift Ideas

10 DIY Food Gift Ideas

I love a food gift, y’all. Everyone I know has so much stuff already that gifts almost feel like a burden. But not food gifts! A food gift is a treat that you only have to store until you eat it. No burden, all fun! And if you’re one of my friends, you may just see one of the food gifts on this list in your stocking. Guess which one!

1. Flavored Salt – If your friends love to cook, they’ll love coking with fancy flavored salt!

2. Almond Extract – Homemade almond extract is so much more delicious than store-bought. But you should start now, because this stuff needs to steep for three weeks.

3. Smores Kits – Stuff a little box with smores makings and finish it off with a little baking twine and a tag.

4. Hand-Mixed Chai Tea – Package your hand-mixed chai in a pretty jar, and tie a tea ball to the side, so your friends and family can brew up their yummy tea in a snap.

5. Cake in a Mug – This is a great Christmas gift for teachers or really anyone on your list who loves cake. So basically anyone on your list.

6. Dill Beer Bread Mix – Combine the dry ingredients in a pretty mason jar, and add a gift tag with the cooking directions. If you’re gifting a vegan friend, you can call for margarine instead of butter.

7. Spiced Nuts Mix – Grab the printable tag to make this gift look extra profesh!

8. Taco Box – New parents or anyone who’s life is suddenly a little on the hectic side will love this cute box full of good food. And beer!

9. Pancake Mix – Got a friend or family member who loves to cook brunch? A pint sized mason jar will hold the dry ingredients to make this 5 minute pancake recipe, and you can print the wet ingredients and directions on a card for them. I can vouch for how delicious these are. We make them all the time at my house!

10. Flavored Sugars – No artificial flavors here! Mix up your own cinnamon sugar, vanilla sugar, and cardamom sugar and package them up with pretty patterned labels.

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