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10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Merry Christmas! Now that the gifts are unwrapped, are the kids getting a little bit antsy? If it’s too cold, snowy, or rainy to play outside, your toddler probably has some energy to burn. Try one of these indoor activities to beat cabin fever.

1. Treasure Dig – You can do this project from Pi’ikea St. exactly as written or use what you have handy to create a custom treasure dig.

2. Aromatherapy Play Dough – Your kid can help with some of the mixing and kneading and play with this soothing play dough when it’s done.

3. No-Sew Hopscotch Mat – Raid your fabric stash, grab your glue gun, and make a hopscotch mat that you can use to get those wiggles out.

4. Edible Paint – My kid is almost two, and he still puts all of his craft supplies in his mouth unless I’m watching him like a hawk. With edible paint, you can kick back and not worry that as much paint is going in your kid’s mouth as on the paper.

5. Cardboard Bead Threading – Your toddler can help color these cardboard “beads” and help thread them.

6. Just Color – I spent weeks reminding my toddler to color on the paper until I created this no-mess indoor art area. For free!

7. Homemade Watercolors – This is another edible paint. With careful supervision, your toddler can even help mix up the paint and colors!

8. Homemade Soap Clouds & Tub Soap – Who says you have to wait for bath time? Do this fun soap cloud experiment, make some tub soap, and stick your bored toddler in the tub to paint!

9. Masking Tape Race Track – I love this idea, because it lets your kid get moving and burn some energy. And, let’s be honest, I love hearing my son say “Vroom! Vroom!”

10. Cardboard Houses – Your toddler already loves playing in a cardboard box. Turn a big empty box into a semi-permanent playhouse!

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