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10 Pinecone Crafts

10 Pinecone Crafts

It’s pinecone season! I’ve always been a pinecone fan, but now that my baby has grown into a wobbly toddler, I love them double. Crafting with pinecones is fun, and crafting with pinecones that I collected on walks with my kid is double run! Go on a pinecone walk with your kiddos, and try some of these cute pinecone crafts.

1. Pinecone Owls – Raid your felt stash, and turn collected pinecones into cute owls to display on your mantle or hang from the Christmas tree.

2. Mini Pinecone Pots – Do you have a black thumb like I do? You can’t kill a potted pinecone, and they look so cute on a sunny windowsill or on the mantle.

3. Glitter and Snow Pinecones – This Pottery Barn knock off project adds a little bit of sparkle to your decor.

4. Pinecone Chandelier – If you come home rich with pinecones, this cute chandelier is a great way to put them all to use in one project.

5. Garland – Stringing a pinecone garland is simple, and Ella Claire shows us how to make one that lays beautifully.

6. Scented Pinecones – Turn those collected pinecones into pretty potpourri.

7. Bling Pinecones – Bust out the gold spray paint, gold leaf, and the glitter, y’all. Make those pinecones SHINE.

8. Easy Painted Pinecones – Most tutes for painted pinecones call for spray paint, but Town and Country Living shows you how to paint them with acrylic paint.

9. Bleached Pinecones – If you like a more natural holiday color scheme, these pretty bleached pinecones would work wonderfully.

10. Easy Wreath – Pinecone wreaths are nothing new, but I’m pretty partial to this one that’s basically free to make.

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One Response to 10 Pinecone Crafts

  1. Thanks so much Heather for including my mini pinecone tree pots in this roundup! I love decorating with pinecones and there are several crafts in your roundup that I haven’t seen before! đŸ™‚

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