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10 Quick and Easy Tree Skirts

10 Easy Diy Tree Skirts with Lots of No-Sew Ideas!

I didn’t really understand the point of a tree skirt until a few years ago, when my husband and I started doing the real Christmas tree thing. I used to think of tree skirts as just one more thing that you had to store, pull out, and maintain for the holidays. Until my floor was basically made of pine needles. Now I get it! But I still believe that you shouldn’t spend more time making a tree skirt than you do trimming your tree. These quick and easy tree skirts come together in a flash. There are lots of no-sew options on this list, so don’t think that only seamstresses can have homemade tree skirts!

1. No Sew Drop Cloth Skirt – This project calls for a brand new drop cloth, but if you have a used one in the closet, I think the paint splatters would look really cool.

2. No-Sew Ruffle Skirt – Turn an ugly old tree skirt into a cute, colorful one with no sewing required.

3. Burlap Skirt – A big ol’piece of burlap means there’s very little piecing required to make this rustic tree skirt.

4. Ruffled Ombre Skirt – This can be a sew or no-sew project, so go with your strengths to make this as simple as possible.

5. Felt Fringe Skirt – I love the festive colors in this felt tree skirt.

6. The $12 Ruched Tree Skirt – Turn an old round tablecloth into a gathered skirt with a luxe feel.

7. Fleece Tree Skirt – Grab an old throw blanket and raid you stash of sewing notions for a quick tree skirt that surprisingly cute.

8. No-Sew Star Skirt – Felt is your friend when it comes to no-sew tree skirts, and this one has a free printable star template to dress it up.

9. Ribbon Skirt – A little bit of carefully-placed ribbon turns a plain felt tree skirt into something festively modern. If you don’t sew, you can glue on your ribbon to make this a no-sew project.

10. No-Sew Pom Pom Skirt – Felt plus a bag of poms makes a pretty tree skirt with no sewing at all.

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