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10 Recycled Valentine’s Day Cards

10 Recycled Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up! Whether you want to make a card for your sweetie or need a Valentine idea for your kid’s whole class, we’ve got you covered.

1. Security Envelope Card – I love crafting with security envelopes, so I loved this card tutorial from Merriment Design.

2. Manila Folder Valentine – Turn an old manila folder into a cute bunting Valentine’s Day card.

3. Paper Tube Heart Card – Use an old toilet paper or paper towel roll to make this three dimensional heart card by Inheriting Our Planet.

4. Map Silhouettes – Crafty Scientists turns old maps into a super cute DIY Valentine’s Day card.

5. Paper Tube Scroll – DIY Inspired turns an old paper towel roll into a unique Valentine.

6. Recycled Seed Paper – Recycled seed paper hearts make a sweet centerpiece for this Valentine by Ja Monkey.

7. Newspaper Hearts – Raid the recycle bin for this Valentine tutorial that Bar Rucci shared at You Are My Fave.

8. Heart Stamps – Do you need to crank out lots of Valentines for class? Use Tinkerlab’s super easy recycled heart stamp tute, and stamp hearts onto index cards. You kid can sign each one.

9. Crayon Hearts – This is another great kid-made Valentine that you can make for the whole class. This one’s by Princess Pinky Girl.

10. Stuffed Paper Bag Hearts – Draw, decorate, and stitch these cute Valentines by The Scrap Shoppe.

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