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Beyond Snowmen: 10 Outdoor Cold-Weather Crafts and Activities for Kids

10 winter outdoor activities

It can be tough to motivate your kids for outdoor play when it’s freezing cold. Here are some super fun outdoor activities for kids that are worth bundling up for.

1. Duck Tape Sleds – Cardboard plus Duck Tape equals hours of outdoor play!

2. Snow Painting – I love this photos-only tutorial and the beautiful results! Your kids will love painting in the snow with colored water.

3. Ice Blocks – Make these cool colored blocks in the freezer, then send your kids out to build and stack.

4. Winter Nature Walk – Take the kids outside with a free printable checklist and explore nature together. Or let them fly solo!

5. Fly a Kite – You can buy a kite or make your own together, then let the kids take advantage of the blustery weather.

6. Colored Glass – This is a combo indoor and outdoor activity. Make the colored ice globes inside, then let your kids take them outside to play! This one would combine well with the snow painting and ice blocks for lots of snow art fun.

7. Snow Kitchen – This is like the winter version of a mud kitchen. Bundle up, and get cooking!

8. Spray Art – What a fun variation on snow painting!

9. Snow Fort – You have to fortify before having an epic snowball fight! I think that’s the law, right?

10. Monster Footprints – Make monster foot snow shoes, and let your kids make fun tracks in the snow.

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