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10 Delicious Easy Vegan Weeknight Recipes

10 Delicious Easy Vegan Weeknight Recipes

You don’t have to be vegan to eat vegan food, and vegan cooking doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you’re trying to eat less meat to save money, improve health, or protect animals, high five to you! Vegan food is just food, and like anything else, there are hard and easy vegan recipes. The ones below fall deliciously into the latter category. Try these easy vegan weeknight recipes from some of my favorite vegan food blogs (including one from my own!).

1. Quinoa-Vegetable Pilaf – A grain and veggie pilaf is a super simple one-pot meal. You can mix up the veggies depending on your family’s preferences.

2. Baked Falafel Sliders – My almost-two-year-old is crazy for falafel. Probably because he can dip it into sauce. He calls it “laffle” and cleans his plate when I make these.

3. Basic Bean Burritos – Who doesn’t love a burrito, right? These are super simple. You can roll ’em up yourself or put all of the ingredients out on the table and let your family stuff their own.

4. Pulled Butternut Squash Tacos – I love that this recipe is super simple but takes vegan taco night to the next level.

5. BBQ Sandwiches – Grab your favorite buns at the store and stuff them with this easy vegan BBQ recipe.

6. Chili – Chili is another no-brainer at my house, especially when it’s cold outside.

7. Ridiculously Easy Lentil Soup – Soup can totally be a satisfying meal. Just pass some bread on the side for dipping, and you’re all set.

8. Asian Noodle Stir Fry – I saved the tofu recipes for last, because I think there’s an idea that vegans basically live on tofu. We don’t but when it’s prepared properly, it’s a great addition to your family’s meal. And don’t worry. Soy is not the monster food that some folks say it is.

9. Quick Broccoli and Tofu Curry – OK, I know that I just said vegans don’t have to eat a lot of tofu, but real talk? I love tofu. And this quick curry recipe is a delicious way to get your kids to eat their tofu and veggies. If your kids refuse broccoli like my toddler sometimes does, you can use whatever other veggies you like. Zucchini is my go-to for replacing broccoli in recipes right now, mostly because my son will eat it.

10. Baked Tofu with Sweet Potato Fries – Like I mentioned earlier, my kid loves to dip, and this is an entire meal intended for dipping. So basically the perfect plate of food.

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