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10 Free Printable Class Valentines

10 Free Printable Class Valentines

I totally get the rule about bringing Valentines for the whole class, rather than just your kid’s friends, but that doesn’t mean I want to shell out the cash for a box of Valentines. Here are some free printables that your child can pass out on Valentine’s Day instead!

1. Animal Cards – This free printable Valentine collection has eight different designs. If you want to save on printer ink, choose the ones with the white background. They’re just as cute!

2. Angry Birds – Are the kids still playing Angry Birds these days, or is it all Candy Crush all the time now? 3. Candy Crush – Just in case Angry Birds isn’t a thing anymore.

4. Minecraft – I know for sure that kids love Minecraft. I think it’s a law. To get this free printable, you do need to opt into Meet Penny’s email list.

5. Owl Be Your Valentine – But maybe you’d rather skip the video game Valentines all together and go for something a little cuter.

6. Monster Puppets – I love that these free printable Valentines are also a fun activity!

7. Yoda Best – For your Star Wars-obsessed kid.

8. Thank You for Being so Sweet – This is a whole collection of Valentine’s Day printables, and I think that the Party Circles would make a good class Valentine.

9. Alphabet Valentines – I love the retro look of these and that the colors are pretty gender neutral.

10. You’re Number One in My Book – These free printable Valentines are also functional bookmarks.

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