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Sew a Felt Crayon Cuff to Wrangle Your Kid’s Crayons

Sew a Felt Crayon Cuff to Wrangle Your Kid's Crayons

My son loves to color. LOVES. But his little toddler hands are not great at getting his crayons back into the box when he’s done. Honestly, I sometimes have a hard time getting that last crayon into the box. The planets basically have to align to get every single one to fit back in. That means he’s not as willing to clean up after coloring with crayons, so instead they roll all over the place.

This felt crayon cuff by The Sewing Rabbit is such a great solution! Your kid wears the cuff on his wrist, so no matter where you are – home or at a restaurant- he’s more likely to put crayons back before selecting then next color. It also limits the number of crayons at play in a fun way, so there are fewer to lose. Genius. [Crayon Cuff DIY]

Project Materials

  • crafting felt – you need one full sheet, and then you can raid your stash for the embellishments
  • measuring tape
  • sew-in Velcro
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • scissors
  • ruler
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