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10 Kid-Friendly Nature Crafts for Spring

10 Kid-Friendly Nature Crafts for Spring

Are you loving this warmer spring weather? My son and I have been enjoying lots of outside time, and I’ve been on the lookout for some spring craft ideas that we can do together. These look like so much fun!

1. Sparkly Dragonflies – Go on a nature walk with your kids, then come home and get crafty.

2. Suet Cakes – Do your kids love bird watching? Make some suet cakes together to lure cool birds right to your window or porch.

3. Spring Tree – This is another nature walk idea. Collect pretty leaves and bring them home for collaging.

4. Spring Theater – Get your kids excited about helping in the garden with this cute craft project that they can help make!

5. Ladubug Hotel – Turn an old birdhouse into a safe haven for ladybugs in your garden. Your kids will love checking on the hotel to see how their guests are doing.

6. Critter Snacking Ladder – This is a simpler way to lure cute critters to your yard, perfect for younger hands.

7. Story Stones – Collect some nice rocks on a walk or hike, then let your kids do some outdoor drawing and painting.

8. Make a Fairy Garden – Grab a chipped dish from your pantry and let your kids help you give it a new life in your spring garden.

9. Wind Chimes – You know that your toolbox has a bunch of washers left from a myriad of projects. Paint them with your kids, and string them up to make cool recycled wind chimes!

10. Nature Journal – Spring can feel so fleeting. Let your kids save their spring memories in a cool nature journal.

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