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10 Play Food Projects for Your Play Kitchen

10 Play Food Projects for Your Play Kitchen

Our play kitchen gets a lot of love right now. My two year old play cooks while I do supper prep. He even brings his play food up to the counter sometimes and “helps mommy.” It’s a lifesaver when our afternoons get busy.

1. Felt Strawberries – Is your kid berry obsessed, like mine is? Give him a pint of play strawberries!

2. 2D Fabric Produce – This is the first set of play food that I made for my own kid. All of the fabric and felt was from my stash, and I just freeformed the shapes, sewed them inside-out, flipped, and finished. It was super quick and easy, and he still loves them months later.

3. Sponge Cake – How clever is this? One Perfect Day uses actual sponges to make play cake for her son’s kitchen.

4. Pretend Sandwich Set – This no-sew project from Inner Child Fun uses craft foam and sponges to create bread and toppings. You could cut some of these shapes out of felt from your stash, too.

5. Popsicles – Domesticspace has simple instructions for making play popsicles with real popsicle sticks.

6. Doughnuts – Wooden wheels from the craft store are perfect for painting into play dough nuts. I’m super into the cardboard doughnut stand that Ikat Bag made to go with them, too.

7. Ravioli – One Inch World share this super simple play food tute.

8. Pasta Party – This is a no-sew play pasta set by Munchkin and Bean featuring yarn “spaghetti” and pom poms for the tomatoes, meatballs, and veggies. So cute!

9. Felt Apple (cuttable!) – Aux Demilunes created a tutorial for a felt apple that your kid can “cut” into wedges.

10. Play Pizza – Life is Made has downloadable templates for making a play pizza pie.

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